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P.S. on Moderates Can Do Funny Things

I did a little Googling, taking a walk down Memory Lane. And Googling can often be a walk down Memory Lane, can’t it? Here is something I wrote in Impromptus at the time of the John Roberts confirmation, September ’05:

Funny Hillary Clinton felt the need to vote against Roberts. She could come out for the flat tax, or have an affair with Jesse Helms, and she wouldn’t offend her left base. Evan Bayh, I could understand: He voted against Condi Rice for secretary of state! Talk about preparing for ’08! If Evan Bayh went off to live in a commune with Joan Baez and Cindy Sheehan, he wouldn’t excite the Democratic base.

I’m a little surprised about Hillary and Roberts. Maybe she doesn’t think she could use the “moderate” cred.

Ah, memories — Hillary for President; Bayh for President. Seems so long ago. Birch Bayh for President . . . seems even longer ago.

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