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P.S. on “One Thumb Down(ish)”

Sarah Palin is a trillion things. She is not a victim. She is basically the most unvictim person out there. And we should be careful about implying otherwise. You know what I mean? It’s hard to say in a sentence or two; there are subtleties.

Bill and Hillary Clinton always got it both ways. On some days, she was Miz Rodham, bestriding government and society. On other days, when she was criticized by Republicans, she was wifey-poo — “Lay off my wife!” said Bill.

Of course, Palin does not have the luxury of Hillary’s position. The one’s husband was president — basically the most powerful man in the world. The other’s husband works the night shift. Guess which woman is the feminists’ hero? Of course.

(I know, I know — Bill worked the night shift. Ha, ha.)

Thought you might enjoy a letter from one of NRO’s sharpest readers:


Sarah Palin’s candidacy has answered one question I’ve had since the early Eighties. I noticed that the British chattering classes did not bother to hide their scorn for Mrs. Thatcher, not so much on her politics as on her social background. She was frequently disdained as “nothing but a greengrocer’s daughter,” and at every opportunity they would sneer at her clothing, what she liked to eat, etc.

That caused me to wonder about our own chattering classes: Did they feel the same way, or had they to some extent assimilated American values about social background, which is not supposed to be an impediment to advancement or anything to hoot at?

Well, that has now been answered rather firmly. You’d think Sarah Palin would be the feminists’ dream: middle-class background, married to an honest-to-goodness working-class guy who takes care of the kids while Mom has an exciting career. And even better, he’s part Eskimo!

Yet the contempt has been palpable: for her personally, for her education, for her religion, and for her family. I remember that the Clintons asked the media to lay off Chelsea, and by and large they did. Foolishly, I thought that meant the media actually had some principles, but I’d be willing to bet there has been more on Bristol Palin in the past two weeks than on Chelsea during the full two terms.

I guess Bristol would come in for genuine approval only if she’d had an abortion.

Yes — the media were pretty good about the Bush twins, too. But, still: yes.

And don’t forget — Clarence Thomas could not be “authentically black.” Never mind that he had come from Pinpoint, Ga., with no indoor plumbing. Never mind that they spoke Gullah. Never mind that he rose from nothing, in a glorious American life.

His views are wrong. And Sarah’s in pretty much the same boat. But what a glorious, wonderful boat! I am happy to row for such people.

P.S. Of course, Thomas did not come from “nothing” — that is merely in a material sense. He came from sound values. And that is just about the best “something” of all.


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