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MDs Killing More Mentally Ill, Dementia Patients in Netherlands

Euthanasia killings went up 4% in Netherlands–to be expected. Once that door is opened, its a one-way elevator ride up.

Even more telling, the number of mentally ill people euthanized rose, as did the killing of dementia patients. From the official statistics:

In 56 reports of euthanasia involved patients with (end-stage) psychiatric disorder. In 109 reports of patients with dementia. In 2014, there were 41 and 81 respectively in the reports of euthanasia in dementia patients were in most cases to persons who were in the early stages of the process of dementia.

In 2012, the number of mentally ill killed was, as I recall, 12. But then, psychiatric journals began pushing for greater participation by psychiatrists, et voila.

The same thing will happen here if we accept killing as an answer to suffering. It’s simple, human logic.


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