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A Psychodrama Too Far

The gloom-and-doom hype about a nation without health care, as doctors lopped off limbs and tore out tonsils for profit, helped lead to Obamacare. The nearly $1 trillion “stimulus” was vital to prevent another Great Depression. In a matter of years, the rising seas and heating planet will make Hurricane Sandys a weekly event without cap-and-trade and more investment in “wind and solar” and “millions of green jobs.” We were all heading over the fiscal cliff into permanent government shutdown absent higher taxes on “millionaires and billionaires.” Without “comprehensive immigration reform” the country simply cannot function. Only substantial modification of the Second Amendment can stop the epidemic of assault-rifle deaths that are wiping out the nation’s youth. Amid these crises, often Vice President Joe Biden was drafted to ensure that monies were spent wisely, to chair panels of experts, and to hit the campaign trail to galvanize support. Indeed, Biden’s frenzied travel and histrionics are usually the best guide to the crisis du jour.

The sequester followed the wolf-calling boilerplate. For an exhausted public, it is turning into a sort of Y2K dud, or rather worse than a dud, in that the meager cuts remind us that the deficit, never mind the debt, is not much affected, that hysteria on spec accompanies even a cut in the growth of spending, and that we have so far to go to even imagine a balanced budget that the solution will probably be forced upon us by fiscal realities rather than political preemptive action.

Given that the latest psychodrama backfired, what is slated next in this administration’s governance by perpetual “crisis”?

The domestic scene seems almost tapped out, and so it is probably time to turn abroad. Iran maybe? 


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