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Public Figures Are People, Too

This is beautiful, from Peggy Noonan, reflecting on the life of Andrew Breitbart: 

We’re in a big struggle, we have to fight. His argument was in a way like Flannery O’Connor’s: You have to push back hard against the age that is pushing you. But he agreed too that politics can leave you twisted and deformed inside, that fighting those who would impose their will can leave you as consumed as they are. You have to be careful and not let political struggles take over your life, your affections — your soul.

All too often, public figures find themselves sacrificing too much — we all can succumb to that danger. Or we forget that those in public life are more than a headline or a speech or a campaign.

And while we fight some all-important battles in the run-up to a crucial presidential election, it is important to remember, too, that it isn’t everything. There is tyranny in the air here, in our United States of America, and we must fight for the beacon of liberty we have some stewardship over. All the while remembering it is not everything. As Peggy writes:

We were not built to be all about politics. Empires rise and fall, nations come and go, but the man who poured your coffee this morning is eternal, because his soul is eternal.




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