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Public-Sector Unions vs. the Tea Party

Drew Ryun from America’s Majority e-mails as he waits for his connecting flight to Madison:

On Thursday of last week, local tea parties in Wisconsin asked if American Majority could help organize a counter rally in Madison. We said yes and 48 hours later, the American Majority “I Stand With Walker” rally was held. We were hoping for 5,000 people on such short notice. Over 10,000 people showed to let Governor Walker know that they stand with him in his fight against the public sector unions. We also launched a petition website in support of Scott Walker, In a matter of hours we gathered thousands of signatures from across the United States. In the midst of all this, the narrative written by the local media, Fox News, CNN, ABC News and other outlets has been: it’s American Majority and the tea party versus the public sector unions. We accept the challenge and like the odds. We know the American Taxpayer is with us and we’ve already launched efforts to beat the public sector unions in other states.


Drew and his brother Ned — sons of former Kansas congressman Jim Ryun, Christians with a real passion for and commitment to politics — started America’s Majority three years ago as a grassroots training organization. According to Drew: “Having held 360 trainings in 44 states the past 18 months, we have ID’d, trained, and filed to run 1,200 candidates, from school board to the federal level.” He says they have also trained over 13,000 activists. 

About Wisconsin, Drew e-mails: “Make no mistake. This is the opening salvo of the 2012 election season. It’s the public-sector unions versus the grassroots strength of the Tea Party.”

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