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Public Support for Cap-and-Trade Bill Collapses

Crikey.  A new poll has surfaced that reveals extreme public discontent with what Congress and the administration plan to do to our energy bills in the name of fighting global warming (or “aiding climate recovery” or whatever the new spin is). It should be online soon, but in the meantime, here’s the headlines:

* 78% of all respondents saying a $50 increase monthly in utility bills would be a hardship.  A recent MIT study said household costs could exceed $3000 per year, or 5 times as much overall costs the $50 per month/$600 per year would mean.

* 58% of respondents say they are unwilling to pay any more than they currently pay for electricity to combat climate change.

* Respondents are aware that climate change legislation will likely cause their electricity rates to go up.

* In addition, one-half (50%) of the country opposes enacting a carbon tax to fund energy research, which represents an amazing 49-point shift (22% drop in agree; 27% increase in disagree) away from supporting a carbon tax for energy research in 2007.  

* Interest in protecting the environment and fighting climate change has dropped from a low priority (8%) in 2007 to receiving virtually no attention (3%) in 2009.

Meanwhile, Roger Pielke Jr rightly ridicules Paul Krugman’s “it’s the best we’ve got” argument.


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