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Publicly Funded NYC Pre-K Keeps Children in Dirty Basement

A New York City father uncovered a publicly funded pre-kindergarten allowing children to play and sleep in less than sanitary conditions, according to the New York Post.

Miguel Navedo became concerned about his daughter’s safety after she told him that she spent a day at the I Love Me Early Childhood Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., in a “dirty basement.” The young girl also said that some of her classmates played and napped on the bed of a teacher’s house. 

Before pulling his daughter from the pre-K, Navedo shot a video of the basement in question, which the children could only get to after walking down a set of stairs in total darkness.

As part of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s efforts to expand pre-K to all New Yorkers, the I Love Me Early Childhood Center signed a $610,000 contract with the city. Although Navedo pulled his daughter out of the school and reported the center to two city agencies in October, the administrators of the pre-K have yet to experience any repercussions. 


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