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Puff on This

A reader, perhaps with Straggler 53 in mind, sent me this column from the Irish Independent, standing up for cigarette smoking.

The column made me think of that fine old seventeenth-century ditty in praise of drinking. Then came that familiar fluttering of tiny wings — the Muse had flown in through my study window to kiss me.

According to this Irish bloke

There are ten reasons we should smoke:

When stressed, alone, or to defy

The nanny staters; or to try

For noir-style 1940s chic;

To flirt, go slumming, or to tweak

At Death’s black robe; or to be cool

Like Johnny Depp (that man’s no fool);

To swell state coffers, or at last,

With licit pleasures dwindling fast —

Gone before we’ve time to see ‘em —

Just to practice carpe diem.


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