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Punk Nr?

A blogger called Crooked Timber of Humanity thinks that he’s going to slip fake emails into the Corner. Of course, it’s always possible. But I’d like to make a few points. First, contrary to his insinuations, you’d be amazed at how many juicey emails I don’t post precisely because they have that too good to be true feel to them. Second, while the posts in the Corner may be anonymous, they are virtually never anonymous to me. People sign their names and give their addresses and I choose to withhold them. Third, the vast majority of emails are expressions of opinion not reportage of facts. Last, at this point you’d think most bloggers — and Corner readers — understand that some emails should certainly be taken with a grain of salt on the off-chance a correspondent is embellishing. Besides, we run corrections to our own posts and reader emails all the time. But, let “Crooked Timber of Humanity” have his fun. I’m sure he thinks he’s being very clever.


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