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The Pursuit of Happiness is Also Forbidden

Fried food and bottled water are not allowed at the Democratic convention.

UPDATE — from a reader:

My father was a public school teacher (as was my mother, step-father, and step-mother… how’d I end up a conservative?) and was very active in the NEA, attending their annual conventions for most of the 80’s. The rule at the convention was always that food was allowed on the floor but not drink, of any sort, as I suppose they didn’t want to clean up sticky floors. My father was always part of a caucus at each convention that would introduce a motion to allow beer on the convention floor under the premise that “Beer is Food”. They had t-shirts printed up every year with “Beer Caucus”, the year, and the city in which the convention was held around a mug of beer on the front. The back was simply emblazoned with “Beer is Food”. Once my father became a principal, he thought better of wearing those shirts, so I ended up with a sweet collection of vintage beer t-shirts from NEA conventions past. His advice to me when handing them down? “It’s best not to get pulled over by the cops in one of these.”

My how the left has fallen…

Now I’m not saying anyone should get any ideas, but if any of you G.O.P. delegates for the convention are reading, you might think long and hard about this story. One party drinks beer on the floor of the convention, another forces you to drink wheatgrass juice out of tiny recycled-biodegradable paper cups or whatever. Which one would you support?

UPDATE II: Another reader asks, “What is Mrs. McCain’s job again?”


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