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From a $218 donor to our spring emergency fund drive:

Our congress is pushing policies that make our country poorer, more vulnerable, and less free.   It is time to push back.  But what can we do? 

First, we can support the candidates that will form a new majority in the House of Representatives.  In my critical district, the fourth district of Connecticut, our pro-Obamacare incumbent Jim Himes is losing ground to Dan Debicella ( who is “running for Congress to restore the values of free enterprise and individual liberty to Washington”.  If Scott Brown is the new 41st vote in the Senate, Dan Debicella could be the new 218th vote in the House.  This is the kind of district that could be a new majority maker. 

Secondly, we can support National Review Online.  Members of the current majority are hanging onto control by telling constituents one thing at home and then voting another way in Washington.  They think that we are not paying attention.  But we are.  We’re reading NRO and becoming engaged, informed, and motivated.  NRO will be an important part in bringing about a new majority and arming that new majority with ideas that are worth fighting for.  This is worth our support and our gratitude.  So thank you, NRO.  Fight on.

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