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Pushback on Dede Scozzafava on N.Y.-23

The attempt by GOP party bosses to thrust Dede Scozzafava (a pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-tax candidate) onto N.Y.-23 voters is generating remarkable pushback: The Club for Growth is leading the charge for Conservative party candidate Doug Hoffman, along with the American Conservative Union, Susan B. Anthony List, and many others. Someone from the Hoffman campaign just sent me these stories, yes, but they are pretty interesting:

N.Y. House Race Touches Off GOP Funding Fight, Wall Street Journal 


“Michael Long, chairman of the Conservative Party of New York, is urging fellow conservatives not to contribute to the National Republican Congressional Committee. ” 


Losing It Over Scozzafava, The American Spectator  


“According to Republican National Committee sources, a poll on the 23rd District race paid for by the NRCC and due to be released on Monday has been withheld due to a poor showing by the Republican candidate. An NRCC denied that the poll was being held back, but was being reviewed for ‘margin of error issues.’”

GOP Pick Sparks Revolt on Right,


“At a private Washington luncheon attended by activists last week, . . . several attendees demanded to know why NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions of Texas, who was the featured speaker, was supporting Scozzafava over the more conservative Hoffman. . . he sought to defend her record on taxes. At that point, according to two sources who were present, the Texas congressman came under forceful pushback from several conservative leaders who insisted Scozzafava fell far short in that area as well.”

Vive le Reagan Coalition!


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