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Pushing Back

Via the Daily Telegraph, some good news: 

Conservative MEPs are planning to revolt against the [British government’s] environment policies in an attempt to sabotage the proposed strengthening of Europe’s climate targets. The revolt would be an embarrassment for David Cameron, who has committed Britain to some of the most ambitious greenhouse gas targets in the world.  Tomorrow the European parliament will vote on whether to toughen the EU’s emissions-cutting target from 20 per cent reductions by 2020, compared with 1990 levels, to a 30 per cent cut. The commitment to a 30 per cent cut has been agreed by the coalition, and has won support from other member states in the EU bloc. British Conservative MEPs, however, have said they would vote to oppose the 30% cut, according to reports. A survey found that only one out of the 23 replied to say they would vote in favour of the 30 per cent figure.


The leader of Britain’s Conservative delegation, Martin Callanan, said: “Conservative MEPs have always been sceptical of the EU unilaterally increasing its target to 30 per cent without a worldwide agreement … European companies will be unable to compete if the reduction targets are set too high. “Many high energy consuming companies are already being forced to relocate to countries outside the EU, which have little or no environmental legislation, putting many Europeans out of work, and an increased target will exacerbate this trend.


“We are also concerned that the higher carbon costs from an increased target will feed through into energy price increases for domestic consumers, who are already facing steep rises.”


Last month the Prime Minister said the coalition wanted to be the “greenest government ever” as he committed Britain to halve UK carbon emissions by 2025. He said: “When the coalition came together last year, we said we wanted this to be the greenest government ever. This is the right approach for Britain if we are to combat climate change, secure our energy supplies for the long-term and seize the economic opportunities that green industries hold … the UK can prove that there need not be a tension between green and growth.”  

If Cameron actually believes all that, he will have proved only one thing: that there need be no tension between being delusional and being prime minister.


Back in the real world, however, it appears that the Poles may have come to the rescue: 

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – Poland has scuppered an attempt to tighten European Union carbon emission targets, sparking widespread concern just days before Warsaw is set to take over the EU’s six-month rotating presidency.  

Widespread concern”. Really?

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