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Putting Rove on Trial

Rep. Trent Franks (R, Ariz.), who sits on the House Judiciary committee, had a few comments for me on the matter of House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers’s (D, Mich.) attempts to make Rove and other former Bush officials testify. None of them were positive.


“I’d submit that it’s just a nonsensical waste of taxpayers’ money,” said Franks. ”And I’d say it’s ironic that the Obama administration is now having a difficult time as to whether they want to give up [such claims of] executive privilege while he’s in office. Of course, they wanted to do everything they could to tear President Bush down for that when he was in office. It’s just another example of Mr. Obama having to face some of the realities of being president. It’s easy to say things in campaign rhetoric, but reality always has the last word.”


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