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PYLE the gifts under the tree

Founder of the famed “Brandywine School,” Howard Pyle was not only America’s premier artist at the end of the 19th century – he was also a highly regarded writer of wonderful children’s stories. Two of his collections are still considered among the best ever published: Pepper & Salt and The Wonder Clock. National Review and the Intercollegiate Studies Institute have republished these two lavishly illustrated hardcover books (ideal for children ages 9 through 12) in a handsome boxed set that will make the perfect gift for that special young child or grandchild, that deserving niece or nephew, who love to read and appreciate wholesome tales well told. There’s still plenty of time to order from the NRO Book Store, (please note the set costs only $29.95, including free postage; if you want UPS Ground shipping that’s but a few dollars extra) whose hard-working, bubble-wrapping elves will gladly mail it directly to the lucky gift-recipient, accompanied by a handsome announcement card bearing whatever greeting or message you desire.


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