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Dr. Krauthammer Is In

This is a week of two Charleses. On Tuesday, I told you about a Q&A podcast with Charles Murray. Now, we have Charles Krauthammer.

One of the things I ask him about, strangely enough, is the pronunciation of his name: How does he say the second syllable of his last name? Ham or hahm? (Ham.)

We also talk about baseball and food. Obama and Hillary. Israel and Syria. The “establishment” and the campus. Global warming, America’s fate, etc.

Charles Krauthammer has a gift that I have praised in Mark Helprin and others: He makes you feel better even when the topic is grim. He is damn funny (as he shows in this podcast). Hailing him, I paraphrased the old GE slogan: “You bring good things to life.”

Listen to him talk the world — or some of it — here.


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