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Quasi Racism: Marshall’s Defense

Several readers have points along these lines:

Jonah – I would like to point out in Josh Marshall’s defense that he

never call’s the idea racist, and does concede that it is true (“That’s

true of course. But what’s the point exactly?”).

His concluding sentence:

“nestled down deep in this argument is some sort of perhaps unconscious

notion that the Dems are just hopelessly sucking wind …”

is changed by Nick Confessore to:

“the equivalent of saying “the Dems are just hopelessly sucking wind

among real voters and thus have to resort to padding their totals with


which seems a little unfair to me. In fact, it appears that Josh

Marshall’s take on the issue (“well duh, of course Democrats are

dependent on Blacks”) is totally different than Nick Confessore’s take

(“it is racist for a conservative to use the word Black”). Perhaps I am

being too generous to liberals, but this looks more like a case of one

idiot liberal saying something stupid than a general liberal problem.


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