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Queer Theorists

Stan – I’ll withhold comment on the FMA until I’ve read up more. But on the issue of lefty gay theorists changing their position, I’ll take your word on that as I have not had time to follow the gay press (except for the New York Times) for a while. That said, just because the queer theorists believe something, that doesn’t make them right. After all, they’re wrong about so much else and the left is not any more immune to the “careful what you wish for” rule than the right is. Surely there are many more gays who want gay marriage for conventional or bourgeois reasons than because they’ve signed up for a secret campaign to destroy the institution from the inside out. Applying Occam’s razor should show that while pro-marriage gays might be wrong on the merits they probably aren’t deliberately wrong. They aren’t clamoring for the keys to the institution of marriage out of a clandestine mission to destroy it. And even if that is their “plan” we can still entertain the possibility that their plan might not work.


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