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Question for Football Fans

I’m no Bears fan, so I did not lose any sleep over the result of the NFC championship game. But I have a question for the NFL-rules aficionados out there (and I know there will be plenty). On the final play of the game, Packers DB Sam Shields intercepts a pass intended for Chicago wide receiver Johnny Knox. Knox never had a chance at the ball, however, because Packers safety Nick Collins had run through him before the ball ever got to Shields. So why wasn’t pass interference called there? Is that considered an uncatchable ball (that really doesn’t make a lot of sense to me — do you consider that it was caught by another defensive player short of the target?) or did the refs just miss the contact? No one has mentioned it this morning, so I was just curious. The NFL replay isn’t that great, but when Fox showed it from a different angle it was pretty darn clear that Collins had climbed over Knox’s back before the ball got there. 


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