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Question for the Planet Gore Guys

So, how many more Priuses will the world have to buy to offset this Icelandic volcano?

Update: This reader may be a bit of a jerk, but he’s basically right:


uhm – so first us “planet Gore” people believe in doing a little

research and find out that the grounded planes in Europe prevented

significantly more CO_2 emissions than the Volcano caused:

Moreover, since you have actually written a column on the climate change

chapter in Freakonomics 2 – you should be aware that the Volcano dust

will reflect sunlight and thus further contribute to cooling.

So if you want to write a snarky, silly – but perhaps slightly less

ignorant – comment, maybe you want to ask how much _fewer_ Priuses we

need to buy (or how much more Hummers you get to drive…) because of



[Name withheld]

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