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Questions From Readers

I love ‘em. I wish I could write back more than I do. But I try to answer thoughtful questions from readers when I can, where I can. Often readers send questions that would require a five page essay to answer honestly or even close to comprehensively. Such questions usually meet with silence, I’m afraid. However there is one kind of question that really annoys me. I know most of the time they’re asked harmlessly and in good faith. But I really can’t stand it when people ask me questions that google can answer better. A half dozen people have asked me where’s Wabash college (where I’m speaking next week). It’s Indiana. But you could learn that faster and more reliably from other sources. Ditto all sorts of questions about finding transcripts from Hardball, or locating a speech by the president. I wouldn’t complain except I am having a very hard time — every day — keeping my email box from overflowing. And these sorts of things seem like an easy place to start economizing.

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