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Quick Pointlets About the Gore Speech

1. It was very well delivered, in part because it was not too slow. He read it — and spoke it — at a good, natural pace.

2. His line about recycling was very, very deft — enjoyable.

3. He trotted out the old business about how the Bush administration gave up on bin Laden and al Qaeda, and “diverted” our military to Iraq, which was irrelevant to everything. This has been covered — rebutted — a million times. You may be interested in a piece I did in 2004, on Wesley Clark, primarily: here.

4. Again, the easy denunciation of waterboarding, which is not a cut-and-dried issue. Do Gore and the Democrats really, really believe that we mishandled Khalid Sheik Mohammed?

5. Again, “a woman’s right to choose” — choose what, baby? Say it out.

6. I have an obvious, obvious response to Gore’s comparison of Obama to Lincoln: We knew Abraham Lincoln; he’s no Abe Lincoln.

7. At last, Gore gets the meaning of “E pluribus unum” right!


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