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Quinnipiac: Voters Split 47 Percent to 47 Percent on Impeachment and Conviction

The latest poll released today from Quinnipiac finds that the country is evenly divided on the question of impeaching and removing President Trump from office, but independent voters oppose it by an 8-point margin:

American voters are divided on impeaching and removing President Trump from office, 47 – 47 percent – closing a 20 point gap from less than a week ago, according to a Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pea-ack) University Poll released today. In the poll released on September 25th, voters said that the president should not be impeached and removed 57 – 37 percent. Among the political party subgroups, Democrats showed the greatest change from the last poll. Today, they show a virtual consensus on impeaching Trump, 90 – 5 percent, while last week they said Trump should be impeached 73 – 21 percent. The gap also closed among independents, who clearly said that the president should not be impeached last week 58 – 34 percent, and today are only slightly opposed to impeachment at 50 – 42 percent. Republicans feel much the same today as they did last week about impeachment; today, they say Trump should not be impeached 92 – 7 percent, and last week, they were opposed 95 – 4 percent. 

The even split on impeachment means that a significant slice of the electorate that disapproves of Trump’s job performance does not approve of impeachment and conviction. “Today, voters disapprove of the way President Trump is handling his job 53 – 41 percent. This compares to last week’s approval rating, in which they disapproved 55 – 40 percent,” Quinnipiac reports.


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