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Quo Vadis?

One always hopes that the guys in charge know something, have some great big-picture plan, that you are just currently not privy to. That everything will turn around tomorrow. But then you get an e-mail like this, from one of the clearest thinkers you know, and, man, don’t it sound like what’s going down: ” I promised myself that I would not agitate until October, but I am

very worried that GWB is in deep trouble, and deservedly. The

announcements today by Bremmer and Powell that we would leave Iraq if

asked to do so by a non-democratically-elected cabal of UN-iks chosen by

a doctrinaire anti-Semite are among the most profoundly stupid

statements of government policy I can remember in my lifetime. If the

criminal law applied here, as Claudia Rosett’s vital reporting

demonsrates, the UN would be indictable as a racketeering enterprise.

That we would turn over to it an enterprise for which over 750 American

servicemen have given their lives is shocking enough; that we are now

saying we would leave at their request before the job is done is a

betrayal I cannot even wrap my brain around. I’m sorry to rail, but

what are we thinking about here?”


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