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Race and The South

It is depressing that white students in rural Georgia have decided to go back to having a segregated prom. Where I come from in rural

Louisiana, we had separate, private proms for blacks and whites too. This

was almost 20 years ago, so I don’t know if they still do, but as I recall,

it wasn’t something the students necessarily wanted; it was mandated by the

parents (at least the white ones). This kind of ugliness is not the province

of whites alone, though. The head of the black caucus in the Louisiana

legislature recently complained that too many white people are going to the

historically black Southern University Law School. I’m sure if the black

students in that rural Georgia town decided to hold a blacks-only prom, and

said they were doing it to preserve their cultural heritage, or gave some

other p.c. excuse, nobody in the media would bat an eye.


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