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Radical Islam and Immigration to France … and the United States

At PJMedia, I’ve run an excerpt from Islam and Free Speech, the “Broadside” I did for Encounter Books earlier this year after the Charlie Hebdo massacre and related terror attacks. The excerpt explores how France became such an inviting target of the jihad, homing in on immigration and radical Islam’s “voluntary apartheid” strategy to establish assimilation-resistant sharia enclaves.

Apropos of that, two news items:

1. In summer 2014, Newsweek reported on polling that indicated one in six French citizens, or 16 percent, sympathizes with ISIS. The ISIS approval number spikes to 27 percent (over one in four) in the fighting-age demographic, ages 18 to 24.

2. Last week, the first of what the Obama administration promises will be tens of thousands more Syrian refugees began arriving in New Orleans. A large percentage of the refugees are fighting age men. In the chaos of the Syrian civil war, there is no way that the refugees could have been vetted to weed out all possible jihadists. The administration’s plan is to settle the refugees in about 180 cities and towns across the United States.


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