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Radio Free Kudlow Rocks Tomorrow

As is the case every Saturday, tomorrow the nation’s airwaves will tingle with the transmitted wit and wisdom of the great Lawrence Kudlow — champion of free markets, apostle of prosperity — and his gaggle of gurus, including NR’s own Robert Costa, Senator Ron Johnson, Paul Sperry, Ann Coulter, Brian Kelly, David Malpass, James Pethokoukis, Guy Benson, and Steve Moore. Listen and learn as they join Larry in taking on the day’s most pressing fiscal and economic topics, such as the fiscal cliff (will talks miss the December 31 deadline?), the new better-than-expected jobs report (and the ensuing stock rise), Jim DeMint’s exit from the Senate, Obama’s position that tax cuts caused the recession (it was housing Barry!), and so much more. The Larry Kudlow Show can be found on your local radio station, or, if your area is so deprived as to lack Larry’s syndicated program, then listen to it live, via the web, right here.


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