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Radio… Radio…

I’m going to be hanging out with that band of reprobates and moperers at KSFO at 8 AM West Coast Time. I’m also going to do my increasingly regular gig on that NPR show Day By Day. But I have no idea what time it airs and where since we don’t get it in DC. Basically, Jacob Weisberg and I disagree on politics for a few minutes.

(And, yes, you should say “Radio…Radio” like the dude from Wall of Voodoo in the “Mexican Radio” video. I say this because now at least 1,300 Cornerites raised in the 1980s will have that song stuck in their heads for the rest of the day).


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Inflation, You Say?

Inflation, You Say?

On the menu today: Inflation jitters, the Reddit/Tesla connection, taxes and their consequences, Mars rewards, and The Dictatorship of Woke Capital.