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“Raid” On Bremer French Home

Around 15 members of the left-wing Basque nationalist movement

Abertzaleen Batasuna (AB) clambered over the gates and let off

fireworks and firecrackers during a 20-minute raid on [Paul Bremer’s summer home].

“We wanted to symbolize the war the United States imposed on the Iraqi

people,” said a spokesman for the group who did not want to be


“We wanted to carry out this operation on the holiday home of Paul

Bremer because this is where he comes to forget the war in Iraq, and we

want to remind him that when he comes here to rest, the bombs continue

to fall on the Iraqi people.”

Jim Geraghty e-mails: I kept waiting for the last line to be “Bremer promptly

ordered a response in the style of the Iraqi “resistance”

the protestors support, and detonated a car bomb outside the

Basque group’s headquarters, killing 12.”


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