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Railsplitting, Hairsplitting, and More

Mona and I have a new Need to Know — and our guest is Rich Lowry, editor of National Review, author of Lincoln Unbound. With Rich, we talk about Lincoln, of course. Then, on our own, we talk about Lincoln some more. (Wonderful, deathless subject.) Then we talk about BHO, Putin, Reagan, China, and a bevy of other subjects. (Can you have a “bevy” of subjects? Or just a bevy of bikini-clad blondes or something?) We end by talking about Explosives Camp — yes, there is such a camp, a summer camp for teens, and I have just visited it.

The music we go out on is from The 1812 Overture, complete with cannons. Get it? Explosives Camp and all. (In music, to be sure, there are more canons than cannons.) We could have used A Lincoln Portrait, the Copland piece. But there may well be other occasions. Lincoln comes up a lot.

By the way, WFB once served as narrator in A Lincoln Portrait, with the orchestra in Stamford, Conn., where he lived. He thought the piece was kind of dumb. It is one of Copland’s weaker pieces, no doubt. But we can discuss this some other time.

Check out Need to Know, if you like, here.


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