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Rallying for Marriage in Albany

The lobbying against the same-sex-marriage bill in New York this afternoon looked a bit like a black-church revival

And this update from the Times Union

 The Senate remains in a same-sex marriage holding pattern, even as Majority Leader Dean Skelos meets with Gov. Andrew Cuomo.


Senators Andrew Lanza, Stephen Saland and Kemp Hannon paid the governor another visit this week, perhaps to review potential amendments to a bill to legalize same-sex marriage. Republicans are pushing to have the bill amended to provide greater protections for religious organizations.

But a Senate source said the potential amendments were not discussed this morning in conference (“Everything’s holding level,” Sen. Cathy Young said), rather the calendar was just discussed.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said he has not yet seen the amendments, but he would bring them up for a vote in his chamber “depending on what it looks like.” They would have to pass both houses for same-sex marriage to become law.

Leaving a meeting with Cuomo, Lanza said “If we have the votes, we’ll pass it.” He could not confirm a report that if it rains tomorrow, he will bring an umbrella.

Also spotted on the second floor today: Assemblyman Danny O’Donnell, an openly gay Manhattan Democrat. Asked if he was reviewing bill language, he replied “no comment.”

All of this indicates one thing: the odds of a same-sex marriage vote during daylight today are long.


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