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Ralph Reed: ‘Time for Eric Holder to Go’ for ‘Impeachable Offense’

Speaking Friday morning to the Conservative Political Action Conference, Ralph Reed said that Attorney General Eric Holder should be removed from office for his counsel to state attorneys general not to defend their states’ marriage laws.

“When the chief law-enforcement official of the United States shows no respect whatsoever for the rule of law and shows no respect whatsoever for the state constitutions of the duly passed laws of sovereign states,” then “that is an impeachable offense and it’s time for Eric Holder to go.” Reed, the founder and head of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, said that Holder has lied under oath, defied subpoenas from Congress, and been held in contempt of Congress for doing so.

He also called for the prosecution of IRS officials involved in the targeting of tea-party groups, saying that we need to “fumigate that building and abolish the IRS once and for all.”

In a speech largely devoted to ongoing threats to religious liberty, Reed decried the failure of Republicans to support the legislation vetoed in February by Governor Jan Brewer in Arizona that was labeled as anti-gay by the media. He said that Republicans have too often had a “backbone of a chocolate éclair,” and that conservatives should no longer follow “those who advocate mealy-mouthed moderation.”


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