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Ramesh Is My Senate Hero

Yes, Ramesh, you DA MAN. You’ll note I didn’t even give a prediction. I thought Alaska would be a loss for us, so my number was not at +4. I was thinking +4 would be a dream scenario, and was thinking more along the lines of +2. I am very pleased that my adopted home state of Louisiana put the first GOP Senator in office since Reconstruction and did so by a majority of the votes. The huge pickup in the Senate and the defeat of Daschle is obviously the second biggest story of this election. It is almost as big as story for Bush as the actual win in the Presidential race. I am most hopeful with respect to the backlog of well qualified Bush judges who may get a shot at confirmation now. How many Blue Senators in Red States are going to want to roll the dice on going the path of Tom Daschle for the sake of filibustering Bush judges now? I would think that this clears the way for confirmations to start up again. No doubt that Leahy and company will want to continue the fight, but does Harry Reid and other “moderates” have the stomach for it?


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