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Ramesh, Rush, The Photos

An e-mail:

The Rush comment listed on is a little out of context. It was one of many responses to callers on the subject and followed a statement/question by a particular caller. Rush did not condone the actions and believes people should be disciplined for out-of-line behavior. However, he did think the public/media reaction has been over the top concerning what was actually shown in the photos. Nobody was drawn-and-quartered, or stretched on a rack, etc. (my words). He stated that our soldiers are getting shot at every day by comrades of these prisoners and that maybe these soldiers were blowing off a little steam, however inappropriately. He made the observation that “the photos don’t show anything more outrageous than we could see at a Brittany Spears show.”

His best comment regarding the public’s outrage was comparing Tailhook to Ruby Ridge. Looking back at those, which outraged the public/media the most vs. which was more important of a “violation”.


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