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Ramesh! What Are You Doing with That Icepick . . . ?


I just want to note how immensely flattered I am that Ramesh has chosen, of all those in the right-wingosphere who support gay marriage (a list that includes the names of many who are more eminent than I), little ol’ me to play the role of Trotsky in the upcoming purges. Yes, I realize the ice axe to the head is an unpleasant fate, but frankly there’s no other way I’ll make it into the history books, so il faut souffrir. I confess my guilt on all the charges the Comrade Prosecutor has outlined: Right Deviationism, Premature Pro-SSMism, and general Potemraism. (One of my favorite lines from the whole kooky history of the Left: “Lovestone is a Lovestoneite.”) And I can console myself with the analogy: Seventy years later, Trotsky still has some fans out there, and the government that got him is out of business. (Come to think of it, putting that government out of business is the most important reason I became a conservative in the first place. Good times!)

See you in sunny Mexico! Lovely this time of year . . .


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