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Ramesh wowed an audience of 300 at Princeton last night with a devastating critique of the lies, falsifications, and distortions contained in the famous Brief of 281 historians submitted in the case of Webster v. Reproductive Health Services in a successful effort in 1989 to persuade the Supreme Court not to reverse Roe v. Wade. The Roe opinion itself, written by Harry Blackmun, relied heavily on an account of the legal history of abortion which turned out to be profoundly flawed. The “pro-choice” historians–including some of the most distinguished people in the field–stepped in to shore it up when Roe when it appeared to be about to fall. To do this, as Ramesh showed with devastating detail and precision, they brought disgrace upon themselves. Also appearing on the evening’s program was Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the abortionist and co-founder of NARAL, who gave a chilling account of the lies he and his colleagues told in their effort to legalize abortion in the late 1960s and early 70s. He told the audience about disseminating false polling data, falsifying statistics about illegal abortions and maternal death rates, and engaging in many other appalling acts of dishonesty. “We believed our lies were justified in what we regarded as a good cause,” he confessed. The forum was sponsored by Princeton Pro-Life, one of the nation’s most savvy and energetic campus pro-life organizations.


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