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Ramesh’s “Hawk” makes plenty of good points

And it could well be worse.  Much worse.  It’s hard to think like Khamenei/Ahmadi-Nezhad/Zawahiri/Assad et al, but they surely see the scimitar of Allah lopping off W’s head, and they will be encouraged to accelerate their drive for ultimate victory.  It would not surprise me at all to see renewed attacks against Israel and against what is left of the government of Lebanon by Hezbollah and Hamas, and my heart breaks for the Iraqi people, who will undoubtedly be subjected to an intensified assault.

As one of those people who has long felt that our leaders suffered from a dramatic failure of strategic vision, I suggested replacing Rumsfeld more than two years ago.  Now he may well be purged for the wrong reasons, and his successor may well be more timorous, with terrible consequences.

Yes, I’m worried.  Very worried.  Jim Robbins has it right this morning, it’s going to be very tough indeed.

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