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Ramos & Compean Redux?

Another Border Patrol agent has been sentenced to prison for violating the rights of an illegal-alien drug smuggler, this time for lifting the arms of a prisoner while handcuffed. Naturally, the prosecution was demanded by the Mexican foreign ministry, and while I’m loath to question the considered decision of a U.S. Attorney, this case just smells worse than Ramos and Compean — who did, after all, shoot someone, dope-pushing scum that he was. As border-enforcement activist Andy Ramirez put it:

“This case, unlike that one [Ramos & Compean], is completely clean — defense wise. Judge directed him to apologize to the victim (not present), the nation, fellow BP Agents, his family . . . He refused and maintained silence,” Ramirez said. “The judge ignored numerous admissions by their own witnesses of perjury. Word is the government did not want this case sitting out there being campaigned on during the 2012 election cycle, so that Holder/DOJ leaned on the judge.”

Obviously, cops are not above the law and their misconduct is especially problematic given their position of authority. But Diaz was initially investigated and cleared by both the ICE Office of Professional Responsibility and the Department of Homeland Security inspector general. It was nearly a year later when the Internal Affairs Division of Customs and Border Protection ruled differently. I don’t know what to think; maybe Diaz really did beat up the suspect. But does anyone imagine that this administration would be above demanding repeated investigations until it got the desired result?

In any case, it’s not going away; Rep. Duncan Hunter has written to Eric Holder about it, and you can be sure it’ll come up again. For updates, check back at the site of Ramirez’s group, the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council.