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Ramseys, Cont.

Some days ago, I had occasion to mention Ramsey Clark, the hard-Left lawyer who . . . well, let’s just say he’s Noam Chomsky with a law degree. (He was LBJ’s AG, but, in fairness to Johnson and the Democratic party, he was not full-blown obnoxious then.)


After I made my mention, Andy McCarthy shared with me kind of a fun fact. Clark represented the “blind sheikh” in the trial of the 1993 WTC bombers. (Andy was prosecuting — and you can find his new memoir here.) The mastermind of this bombing was one Ramzi Yousef — known by Andy and his confreres as “the other Ramsey.”


Okay: Into the mix has come a third Ramsey (so to speak). Have you been following his antics in his trial down at Gitmo? You may see a news article here.


Ramzi Binalshibh is being tried along with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the 9/11 mastermind (and, of course, mass-murderer). “KSM” himself is putting on quite a show. He questioned the judge, Ralph Kohlmann, about his religion (meaning, the judge’s religion). He said, “There are some extremist organizations in America that are against us. If you, for example, were part of Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson’s groups, then you would not at all be impartial toward us.”


Gee, where’d he learn to talk like that?


According to the above-referenced article, Judge Kohlmann “responded that he doesn’t belong to a church now but has attended Lutheran and Episcopalian services.” Well, thank heaven he hasn’t meandered beyond the “mainstream,” or should I say “mainline”?


All right, here comes the third Ramsey — Binalshibh — who says to the judge, “As far as I know, your last name is Kohlmann, which is a Jewish name, not a Christian name.” And the judge, instead of telling him to blow it out his . . ., denies this. Okay, Truth and Justice are safe: The judge is not a Jew.


And here once more is Andy McCarthy, with a key memory:

In 1993, the blind sheikh demanded that Judge Mukasey recuse himself because he was a Sephardic Jew and his wife taught at a Jewish school on the Upper West Side. Naturally, the lawyers making this obnoxious motion were Bill Kunstler and Ron Kuby — the two Jews who represented His Jihadness [who was only later to be represented by Clark, and also the notorious Lynne Stewart].


Their theory was that Mukasey was compromised because, as the tape-recorded evidence showed, the sheikh had often said he thought all Jews should be killed. Of course, as he had also said he thought all Americans should be killed, it would have been a tad difficult for us to try him in the U.S. if we’d allowed his ravings to be our barometer. So Mukasey gave the motion the back of his hand. 

And that, friends, is the way to handle it. Interesting, no? (In addition to infuriating.)



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