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Rand Paul

He dropped by the office yesterday. A few observations: 1) He wants to win this race and do the things necessary to make that happen; 2) He’s smart and has thought through issues to a much greater extent than the average Senate candidate; 3) He clearly thinks we have no business being in Afghanistan anymore, although he’s very reluctant to come out and say it. At one point he even seemed to suggest he doesn’t want to give his personal view of the war out of respect for the Constitution (it’s not the role of Congress to micro-manage wars); 4) There’s a cockiness to him, although he seems to realize that and its potential pitfalls. He basically says he made the decision to go on the Rachel Maddow show for his infamous appearance in a fit of arrogance after his big primary win; 5) He’d be an asset to conservatives in the Senate in the fights over the size of government to come — and a major pain-in-the-neck for the Senate GOP leadership. I suspect he’ll make Jim Bunning look tame.


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