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Is Rand Paul Too Thoughtful?

Today Dan Foster and I discussed Rand Paul’s questions about using the power of the federal government to end private discrimination through the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The criticism from the Right has been that Paul was too honest and too uncompromising in addressing the issue. The criticism from the Left has been that he is a racist. Highlights:

1:20–Should Rand Paul have indulged in this debate?

2:50–Was this too theoretical and therefore bad politics?

3:30–Do we really want politicians to be less thoughtful, less honest? 

4:40–Is libertarianism too impractical?

6:00–Robert Gibbs says there is no place in the political conversation to talk about the appropriate role of the federal government.

6:33–The Left has thoughtfully boiled the issue down to Rand Paul being a racist.


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