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Rangel vs. Roy

At today’s Ways and Means Subcommittee on Health hearing, Avik Roy tussled with Charlie Rangel when the New York Democrat tried to tell Roy what Roy does for a living.

“I would assume further that you’re not just volunteering your thoughts,” Rangel said to Roy and others testifying at the hearing to examine the Obamacare employer-mandate delay. “The three of you are experts in what you do, and you get paid for what you do. Calling you lobbyists would not be a stigma, it would be just a label as to what your business is. Am I correct in that assumption, Dr. Roy?”

“No, I’m not a lobbyist,” Roy responded. “I’m a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a nonpartisan policy research institute where I have actually articulated alternatives to the Affordable Care Act to provide universal coverage.”

Rangel continued to question whether Roy is paid to take certain positions. “I don’t get paid to advocate any particular position,” Roy explained.

Rangel made one last failed attempt to discredit Roy by trying to portray him as a paid member of the Romney campaign, but Roy clarified that he volunteered for the campaign. The congressman then moved on to grilling Sean Falk, a small-business owner, about his businesses’ health-care packages.


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