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Rap “Music”

From a reader:

The great jazz saxophone player and music producer Teo Macero was asked in

an interview in the Boston Globe a couple of years ago if rap/hop is music.

His response was no, it was just a long run on sentence that doesn’t say


The mathematical formula for popular culture, music or art is:

% of music (art) included is equal to the the remainder of the % of the

sociology subtracted from 100%.

Hip/hop is about 99% sociology. Most rock and roll is about 85% sociology.

Even Springsteen is at best 50% music. Miles Davis is about 95% great music.

And Stravinsky The Symphony of Psalms is 100% music, no sociology at all.

I am almost mathematically illiterate so you might want to have Derb check

my numbers.

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