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WATCH: Rape and Violence Are on the Rise in Sweden

In a disturbing new short video, Ami Horowitz examines an alarming trend: growing immigration to Sweden has coincided with an alarming uptick in rape and violence, and some areas of the country have become downright dangerous to visit.

Horowitz begins by reminding viewers that Sweden has always had a reputation of being a “harmonious and liberal society,” but in the past five years, rape has been on the rise. Why? One possibility that people are reluctant to talk about is Sweden’s growing population of immigrants from Muslim-majority countries with very different cultures from liberal Sweden. 

A Swedish journalist in the video tells Horowitz that Sweden brought in over 190,000 refugees last year alone. 

The video takes us to a northern suburb of Stockholm, Rinkeby — essentially now an immigrant enclave. Some police and journalists steer clear of the area, but Horowitz ventured in at his own risk.

Several residents he interviewed told him that they believe that Sweden has a responsibility to adapt to their more traditional culture, rather than the other way around. 

After some time, Horowitz and his crew were threatened by residents and told to leave. He remained, with only audio equipment, and was then assaulted. 

We then learn that immigrants are flowing to Sweden, in part, because the government benefits they receive there are all-encompassing — including housing, food, and education. In interviews, the immigrants say that in large part because of these benefits “life is good” for them in Sweden. 

At the end of the video, Horowitz speaks with Swedish citizens on the street, asking them if they think the uptick in rape and violence is in any way related to the influx of Muslim refugees. They seem to find the idea offensive, saying that there is no relationship between the two and that to say otherwise would be racist.

It ends with one woman saying there should be no limit to how many immigrants Sweden takes in.  

Many on the Left might view Sweden as a compassionate template for the United States to follow in the midst of the refugee crisis abroad. Unfortunately, the consequences of such open-ended, welcoming policies would be disastrous here, just as they have been in Sweden. It’s a sad, and awful reality because so many innocent individuals are truly suffering — but there are ways we can help from afar, and these are worth pursuing. 


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