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Rapper Threatens to Urinate on Zimmerman in Boxing Match

One rapper looking to avenge the death of Trayvon Martin and beat up George Zimmerman will get his chance, and it was Zimmerman’s decision to participate. Zimmerman, who was acquitted in the shooting death of Martin last year, selected DMX to fight him in a celebrity boxing match out of a reported 15,000 applicants.

Zimmerman claimed that he had taken up boxing before his trial a way to get in shape, and wants to continue to “maintain a healthy lifestyle” by training for the fight. He will donate all the proceeds to charity.

But DMX is not taking the charity-event lightly. The rapper said he will be willing to break boxing rules “to make sure I f*** [Zimmerman] right up” and will urinate on him if he wins, according to the Daily Mail.

The location and date for the match will be announced next week.


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