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Rare Media Refusal to Deploy Suicide Word Engineering

The media is wholly in the tank for the assisted suicide agenda. Witness the Brittany Maynard PR blitz and the recent stories about a happy “right to die” party.

That is why almost all media followed their marching orders to call assisted suicide “aid in dying.” This polled and focus group-tested euphemism helps the cause.

That is why I was pleasantly surprised that one Colorado television station has refused to use this advocacy phrase in reporting about the issue as a November legalization vote approaches. From the statement by Denver’s KUSA:

Supporters of that law have asked 9NEWS not to call it assisted “suicide.” They’d rather we call it “medical aid in dying.”

What follows is our explanation of why we are not going to grant that request: First off, 9NEWS has no position on this ballot question. Nor do we take the issue lightly. We have a duty to tell you about it in simple, direct language. That’s why we’re not going to stop using the word “suicide.”

Supporters of the measure argue the word “suicide” is too friendly to the opposition because it may make you think of someone who ends their life for no good reason. In contrast, the proposed law does require a reason: you’d need to be diagnosed with a terminal illness to get a life-ending prescription.

But in plain English, that’s still “suicide.” Merriam-Webster defines suicide as: “The act or an instance of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally especially by a person of years of discretion and of sound mind.”

Exactly. The term assisted suicide is accurate and descriptive–which is precisely why assisted suicide advocates want it never to be used.

Good for KUSA for not yielding to advocacy word engineering.

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