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Rather’s Blather

I listened to some of that panel discussion on C-Span with Rather, Jennings and Brokaw. While everyone’s making a big deal about Brokaw’s silly comments about the bloggers (Damn this Jihad by the automobile makers, everyone knows the horse-and-buggy’s more reliable!), I think Rather’s comments deserve some mocking too. It was hard to hear him from so deep inside his bunker, but he seemed to be saying over and over and over that his troubles are the result of the White House trying to destroy his reputation. Never mind that this thesis directly contradicts Brokaws Jihad-bloggerati thesis — unless you believe that all these pajama-wearing nobodies (in Brokaw’s telling), are also on the payroll of the White House. The arrogance it takes to say this is all about a White House trying to destroy him, rather than what he’s done over his career to destroy himself is astounding.


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