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The Rawhide Kid?

It already sounds like the punch line to a joke about a gay guy who spends too much time at cowboy bars. But for some reason, that’s the character Marvel has decided to make it into its first gay superhero to have his or her own title (though I am sure the neighbors had suspicions about Dr. Strange, what with the brightly colored silk robes, the well-groomed mustache, the one-eyed trinket he kept under his chin and the, ur, um, Asian “manservant”). While I’m sure some will applaud and others will denounce this “breakthrough” I don’t think the impact will actually be that big. First, comics have had gay characters for a while. Second, comics aren’t read by kids anymore but by people around my age. And, third, judging from this picture, most people will just assume it’s a limited edition spin-off from a Village People comic.

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