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Rays of Light

Not quite the same as Bush the Elder’s “points of light,” but similar. In my view, November 6 was a dark day for the country and world. I bet you agree. (November 6 was Election Day.) But there were some rays, including Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton.

They will both be sworn in today — Ted as a U.S. senator, Tom as a U.S. House rep. As I’ve been saying for years — and I thank you for your forbearance — Ted is a stellar thinker, politician, and person. I know Tom less well, but am sure he is the same. They are both true-blue Reagan conservatives. And I think they’ll provide staunch and even exciting leadership for years to come.

“Put not your trust in princes,” you say? Oh, baby — you don’t need to tell me. You’re preachin’ to the choir. But what princes, Ted and Tom. Real princes. They make Election 2012 more stomachable.

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